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Your company thrives
when your people thrive
For over a decade, Culturas has been delivering
transformative group training to boost collaboration,
engagement, and well-being at scale.

Empowered teams drive change

Building up employees’ strengths boosts the bottom line.

(Gallup Organization)

Collaboration drives workplace performance.

(i4cp and Babson College)

Fostering a sense of belonging in a team enhances motivation.

(Stanford study, 2014)

+18% Increase in Productivity

(Queens School of Business and Gallup Organization)

Our commitment is to empower your teams to think fresh, act differently, and achieve better results. Combining coaching, behavioral science, and technology, we enable adaptability and overall effectiveness, leading to positive transformations in individuals and companies.

Our Approach:

Tailored training programs to enhance interpersonal dynamics, emotional intelligence, and overall well-being. By empowering individuals to thrive, we enable them to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive workplace.

Tailored Strategies:

We provide customized consulting services to help organizations develop comprehensive social sustainability strategies aligned with their unique goals and needs.

Measurable Results:

Our data-driven approach allows organizations to measure and report on the impact of their IDGs, demonstrating their commitment to employee well-being and development.

How it is delivered

Consulting and supporting

Expert guidance in customising the right program to your needs. Seamless integration into your learning & development, and social sustainability efforts.

Training programs

Empowering Interpersonal Skills and team dynamics through Positive Psychology and Neuroscience-based approaches.

Collaborative methodology

Facilitation of agile workflow design, enabling boost collaboration and managing change effectively.

Data insights analytics

Assessment tools that gather data insights on team dynamics, providing valuable insights and actionable recommendations.

Data-driven: Transform insight into success

The ROI of our training programs
68% increase in collaboration
78% increase of self-awareness
71% increase in employee wellbeing

Our insights drive analytics reports and data-driven decisions, enhancing performance and well-being.

Data-driven insights on psychological safety transform collaboration, innovation, and overall team success in a dynamic business landscape.

The importance of developing interpersonal skills

In today’s workplace, interpersonal skills are key to efficiency. Boost teamwork, communication, and adaptability for a more engaged workforce. Embrace the future of work – empower your team today.

Our solutions integrate the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) framework, a comprehensive model with five dimensions and 23 essential skills for inner growth. Developed by international researchers, it aims to gather and communicate science-based skills and qualities that enable purposeful, sustainable, and productive lives. It forms the foundation of our transformative programs.




Relationship to Self
Inner Compass
Integrity and Authenticity
Openness and Learning Mindset


Cognitive Skilss
Critical Thinking
Complexity Awareness
Perspective Skills
Long-term Orientation and Visioning


Empathy and Compassion


Social Skilss
Communication Skills
Co-creation Skills
Inclusive Mindset and Intercultural Competence
Mobilization Skills


Driving Change

Nurture Social Sustainability through Inner Development Goals

Investing in your people’s inner development generates long-term business sustainability. Companies are increasingly recognizing the significance of social sustainability, and cultivating a culture of inclusion and collaboration becomes a powerful step in this direction. By integrating the IDG framework, individuals are empowered to meaningfully contribute to social sustainability while driving success for themselves and their organisations. Moreover, positive culture enhances well-being. Research has demonstrated that companies with winning organisational cultures boast 72% higher employee engagement ratings than organisations with weak cultures.

At Culturas, we foster positive cultures that elevate employee well-being and drive organisational success, while fulfilling social responsibility.

Ready to start producing remarkable results?