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Have you heard about the Inner Development Goals (IDG) yet?

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In 2015, the United Nations introduced the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an ambitious and all-encompassing plan aimed at steering the world toward a more sustainable direction by 2030.

Nevertheless, after eight years on this remarkable journey, it has become increasingly evident that progress is falling behind. There is growing concern that these goals may not be met within the stipulated timeframe unless something changes.

Recognizing the urgency of this situation and the necessity for innovative approaches to propel this global agenda forward, the concept of the Inner Development Goals (IDG) emerged. The IDGs address a vital yet often overlooked aspect in the pursuit of sustainability: the development of our inner capabilities.

The IDGs represent a framework meticulously crafted in collaboration with over 4,000 scientists, experts, and practitioners. This framework elucidates the inner qualities, capabilities, and skills that are indispensable for realizing the transformative changes needed to create a bright future.

While the UN’s SDGs tackle external challenges (what to do), the IDGs are dedicated to nurturing our internal capabilities(how to do). They focus on how we can empower ourselves to bring about these changes.

Learn more about the Inner Development Goals (IDG) framework made up of 23 distinct inner qualities, abilities, and skills, categorized into five dimensions:

  1. Relationship to Self (Being)
  2. Cognitive Skills (Thinking)
  3. Caring for Others and the World (Relating)
  4. Social Skills (Collaborating)
  5. Enabling Change (Acting)

These dimensions collectively form a comprehensive guide for personal growth and development and empower individuals to effectively address adaptative changes.

The Role of Businesses in Achieving IDG:

Every organization can unlock its potential for inner development. Whether you aim to champion sustainability, elevate business performance, or foster a vibrant organizational culture, the time has come to embrace inner development as an integral part of your internal agenda.

Yet, the real magic of inner development lies in its collective impact. When you engage with Inner Development Goals (IDGs), you embark on a journey toward a more holistic perspective, one that acknowledges the inseparable link between the inner and outer worlds, the personal and the collective. This understanding is not just theoretical; it emerges from direct experience.

In our current landscape, a rising generation of talent seeks work infused with purpose. Companies that wholeheartedly commit to human development, both at the individual and societal levels, not only motivate their teams but also take the lead in innovation.

It’s about more than just nurturing individual well-being; it’s about fostering a culture where inner development and social impact are intertwined. In doing so, businesses not only thrive but also contribute to the broader mission. So, join us on this transformative journey, and let’s make Inner Development Goals a driving force in your company’s agenda. The potential for positive change is limitless, and together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes.

Who brings the power of inner development to their strategy today?

Hundreds of organizations across the globe have embraced the IDGs initiative. Let’s take a closer look at some exemplary companies and their experiences with adopting the IDG framework, shedding light on how these goals have played a pivotal role in addressing key challenges.

The IKEA Group, renowned for its commitment to sustainability, integrated the IDGs throughout its entire organization. They strategically focused on areas where the IDGs could deliver the most value. Jenny Hjalmar Åkerblad, a key executive involved in implementing the IDG strategy at IKEA, emphasizes the importance of collaboration, co-creation, and complementing one another. She wisely notes that the competitive mindset must make way for a more cooperative approach.

Google, a pioneer in innovative approaches, started its IDG journey by initially focusing on a single department. As they delved deeper into the IDGs, they designed and executed a 2-3-day “Lab” to test and engage IDG principles and leaders. This initial foray into inner development soon expanded, with other segments of Google, including Google Sweden, recognizing the potential of IDGs. Michiel Bakker, Vice President of Global Workplace Programs for Google, emphasizes that IDGs extend beyond individual growth and apply to the inner dynamics of an entire organization.

In a remarkable display of commitment, Stena introduced the IDGs to their entire organization during a global digital summit in February. To enhance awareness of their existing training initiatives, they have begun mapping all their training programs to the IDGs. Furthermore, they are exploring how the IDGs can be seamlessly integrated into their HR processes, further solidifying their dedication to inner development.

Ericsson, a company with a rich history of positive employee impact and societal betterment, has embedded the IDGs into their ongoing culture transformation journey. They’ve opted to delve deeper into specific areas, particularly within their HR department. For Ericsson, the IDGs are recognized as a global initiative that perfectly aligns with their commitment to making the world a better place. Their approach involves complementing the IDGs with their existing transformation framework, ensuring a harmonious synergy between the two.

These exemplary companies were featured in the Inner Development Goals White Paper #1 (with a focus on corporations). They have unequivocally shown that the IDGs are far more than just a passing trend; they represent a profound paradigm shift in how businesses function and flourish. By seamlessly integrating inner development into their strategies, these organizations have not only elevated their well-being but are also making substantial contributions toward a more sustainable and interconnected world. The question that beckons is this: Is it not now the opportune moment for your organization to embark on this transformative journey as well?

Culturas and the IDGs:

Engaging with the Inner Development Goals (IDGs) doesn’t necessitate the creation of an expensive and entirely new initiative. It’s about leveraging the right methodology to enhance your existing training programs with evidence-based techniques that resonate with the neuroscience of collaboration. This approach focuses on developing essential inner skills and fostering a shared sense of purpose within a team.

Culturas employs a methodology known as “Neuro Connection,” which seamlessly integrates Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Design Thinking, and other proven techniques. Through this approach, we nurture five critical inner skills while cultivating a profound sense of shared purpose among team members.

By adopting the IDGs and leveraging the Neuro Connection methodology, we aim to not only enhance the effectiveness of your team but also align your organization with the broader mission of achieving a more sustainable and interconnected world. It’s a journey that starts from within and radiates outwards, making a lasting impact on your team’s collaboration, engagement, and well-being.


In a world marked by accelerating change and evolving global challenges, the path to a more sustainable and interconnected future has become increasingly vital. The Inner Development Goals (IDGs) stand as a beacon, guiding us toward a transformative journey that transcends individual growth and extends to the very core of our organizations and society as a whole.

IDGs are not just another trend in corporate strategy; they represent a profound paradigm shift. The experiences of exemplary companies such as IKEA, Google, Stena, and Ericsson illustrate that the power of inner development is not limited to individual well-being but extends to the very heart of an organization’s culture and success.

As we’ve explored in this article, embracing IDGs is not about creating expensive new initiatives; it’s about leveraging the right methodology and integrating evidence-based techniques. It’s about nurturing the inner qualities and skills that are indispensable for navigating a rapidly changing world.

Culturas, with its groundbreaking methodology “Neuro Connection,” is at the forefront of this transformative journey. We understand that embracing IDGs can revolutionize your organization, promoting collaboration, engagement, and well-being. Through our methodology, we empower teams to develop five critical inner skills and unite under a shared sense of purpose.

The question that beckons is this: Is it not now the opportune moment for your organization to embark on this transformative journey as well? Embrace the IDGs, and let Culturas be your guide on this transformative path. The future, our future, awaits us.