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Embarking on a Transformative Journey: Culturas’ Commitment to Collaboration and Inclusivity


Once upon a time, in 2011, a vision was born within Culturas—a vision of a world where collaboration and inclusion could transform organizations, creating sustainable success for individuals and businesses alike. Our founder, Larissa Slottet, driven by her expertise in international business, cross-cultural training, and social sustainability, laid the foundation for Culturas with a mission to turn this vision into a reality.

From the very start, Culturas embarked on a journey to understand the challenges faced by individuals navigating the fast-paced, globalized world. Our early focus on international relations, cross-cultural training, and diversity consultancy paved the way for long-term partnerships with prestigious clients like the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Brazilian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce.

But we knew that true collaboration lay in fostering a culture of inclusion and well-being. We understood that collaboration was not just a skill but a trainable mindset that could empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Guided by this conviction, we delved into extensive research, collaborated with experts, and gained hands-on experience in various fields. This led to the development of a unique framework blending cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), group coaching tools, and evidence-based methodologies. This powerful blend has enabled us to craft tailored solutions that unlock team collaboration, enhance interpersonal skills, and cultivate a culture of inclusion, growth, and change.

We are proud to be a data-driven organization, relying on measurable results to validate the effectiveness of our methodology. Through transformative pilot projects and data analysis, we have witnessed remarkable improvements in team efficiency, communication, and overall performance.

As we grow, we continue to measure our success not merely by the transformations we facilitate but by the tangible impact we make on individuals’ lives and organizations’ bottom lines. We embrace each opportunity to shape a brighter future for leaders, teams, and businesses, using data to drive our solutions and ensure sustainable growth.

Today, Culturas stands as a vessel of empowerment, inspiring collaboration and inclusion in organizations in Norway. Our story continues to unfold as we aim to help leaders use the right mindset to boost teams’ collaboration, and innovation, and thrive in an ever-evolving world.

With a data-driven approach and transformative projects on the horizon, we envision a future where Culturas’ partners witness improved efficiency in teams and embrace a culture of inclusivity, growth, and transformative success.